"... a great collection of modern tales."

"Reminiscent of George Saunders and James Thurber, Why They Cried is a great collection of modern tales."
–Hannah Tinti, author of The Good Thief and co-founder of One Story magazine

"... demonstrates real insight into the way we live now."
–Glenn Lester at The Rumpus

"A tender and smart assembly of fiction about people trying to communicate -- with each other, the world -- and all the ways they fail. Fail better, fail beautifully." –Fiona Maazel, author of Woke Up Lonely and Last Last Chance

"Jim Hanas has a remarkable talent for imagining and crafting uncanny little worlds that make me vaguely nervous. And yet I never want to leave." –Rob Walker, co-founder of Significant Objects

Why They Cried is available wherever e-books are sold, but consider buying it from Word or DRM-free from 0s&1s Novels.